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    We will be designing a system that will be based primarily on server side events. For example, receiving files by email or ftp, a change on a database table, or a time based event. We will also be generating files that need to be FTP or emailed out.

    I'm looking for some components that will help us build a distributed scheduler that will handle these events. Ideally we would like to distribute these jobs to several machines and achieve both fault tolerance and load balancing.

    Any suggestions?

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    I will suggest U to visit
    as they have many Java component related to that field.
    also you may visit there application site
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    Thanks. But these look like client side events. I'm looking for features to support server side programming.
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    Hi Joseph,

    As far as time-based events go, Flux can do what you want. Flux has full support for different kinds of time-based events. It's designed to work in clustered (distributed) J2EE apps as well as standalone, client-side apps. Load balancing is achieved by taking advantage of an app server's load balancing features. Fault tolerance (failover) is scheduled for a future Flux release.

    It's been used successfully in financial and health care applications, to name a couple industries.

    Anyway, complete info on Flux can be found at