Redhat launches JOnAS based Application Server


News: Redhat launches JOnAS based Application Server

  1. Red Hat Inc. plans to release its first Java application server at the LinuxWorld conference in San Francisco on Monday, broadening its business beyond the Linux open source operating system, industry sources said. The application server is based on JOnAS.

    Red Hat to launch Java app server Monday

    MySQL joined ObjectWeb to further round out the platform.

    With MySQL, ObjectWeb covers (almost) all the enterprise application stack
  2. The content of the blog link does not make the difference of being a company member of the ObjectWeb consortium and actually supporting an ObjectWeb hosted project.

    It is not because MySQl AB joins ObjectWeb that ObjectWeb now almost covers the enterprise application stack.

    Tomorrow we could decide at eXo Platform SARL to pay the 1000 euros entry fee that would not mean ObjectWeb would get a portal.

    Furthermore for MySQL, like for us, and unless ObjectWeb changes its policy it would never be possible to introduce a double licensed project in the forge.

    So indeed, the consortium contains many actors from almost all the enterprise stack but the ObjectWeb projects are not.

    Don't take me wrong, ObjectWeb is a great organization with a very strong industrial support (many ISV - and especially french ones - that contact us ask for a JOnAS support).

    Benjamin Mestrallet
  3. My dream...[ Go to top ]

    So my dream will be fulfilled by RedHat?

    Opinion: Is Enterprise Java Open Source real or just a dream?

  4. until JOnAS runs on GNU Classpath. I have some high hopes there for next year, though.

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