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    Hi All:

    I am facing couple of problems with JBOSS 4.0.

    1. If I save one file index.jsp in jboss/server/default/deploy, can I see it using http://localhost:8080/index ? If not, then is there any way to see any jsp file which has not been packaged.

    2. I have couple of JSP and image files that I call from a servlet. I do not know where exactly I store store them. should I put it in src/web, when my servlet files are in
    src/servletPackage/myServlet? What path do I use to refer those image files from the servlet?

    Your help would be appreciated.

  2. Where is your servlet packaged?[ Go to top ]


    when you found the answer to the question in my subject, then you know, where to put your JSPs. Since your servlet should be part of a web application, just add your JSPs to the same web application!


    René Zanner