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    hi there;

    i am working jsp, bean, servlet on Linux server using tomcat. i would like my jsp web application compliance on both IE + Netscape.

    currently, i am connecting using IE 6 from windows OS. can i assume that if i try testing using netscape from windows OS, it will able to work for all IE browser as well?

    rgd/ yoke yew

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    when using server side HTML code generation technologies like JSP or ASP.NET, you are independent of the browser used by the client.

    So much for the theory.

    In fact, when using fancy DHTM or CSS code inside your generated HTML, the pages might look VERY different in different browsers.

    Try to define a set of browsers you want to support and then try to figure out, what features of DHTML are supported and how they are implemented.


    René Zanner