You guys know any good active mailing list for quartz?

And until then...

We are a shop that uses mostly ASP 2.0 not even .NET If it aint broker dont fix it right? :P

Anyways we are considering quartz. Now the question is how would we schedule jobs from our ASP web application?

From what I have seen...

Either I would have to write a COM object which calls JAVA natively which makes an rmi call to quartz. Something I want to avoid!

Now I noticed quartz has the option to use the JDBCStore plugin. If I where to insert the job data in the proper tables from my web app, would quartz pick up and schedule that job. Or does quartz have to implicitly create the job and insert to the database and then it will be aware of the job.

What I planed was to deploy quartz with JDBCStore and the implemention of my job on my server, then add the scheduling to quartz trhough the db.

Just wondering if it's possible...