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    I wonder what is the best mechanism to wrap EJB classes for CORBA objects. I understand the theory behind RMI-IIOP and RMI-JRMP thouroughly. Since this is my first assignment to work on such a requirement, would anyone please help me out from the design perspective. sample code would be more helpful to understand.

    any help is appreciated.

  2. The best way is to get Inprise app server and you are done.Then your ejb's are infact Visibroker Corba objects and can be accessed using either a Corba client or ejb client. Remember EJB is a component model spec. When you right your ejb code using Inprise instead of RMI stubs and skeletons generated you get Corba ones. In fact Inprise's
    JNDI implementation is their CoSNaming Service.