Objct-relation mapping tool:TopLink,JavaBlend,Castor,Oracle?


Performance and scalability: Objct-relation mapping tool:TopLink,JavaBlend,Castor,Oracle?

  1. Hello everybody,

      We are trying to develop distributed object apps using EJB and data persistency in a relational database. Our database is Oracle8i. The easiest choice for an O/R mapping tool would have been to take the one embedded in Oracle8i application server. But I heard about several limitations. Therefore, does anyone have already used an external O/R mapping tool in order to manage persistency of beans in an Oracle database?
      Perhaps the use of a JDO layer...

    best regards,
  2. There is also Cocobase from Thought Inc.
  3. Thanks for the answer Manikandan.

    To be more specific, I wanted to know if the use of CMP in Oracle AS is worth with respect to a possible use of BMP with an external O/R mapper? Depending on the possibilities offered by the O/R mapper inside Oracle.

  4. Hi,

    Oracle's EJB 1.1 container within the database or the Application Server, is shipped with a simple OR mapping tool PSI-RI but our Java IDE, JDeveloper 3.2 provides a more complex solution with PSI-BC4J.
    PSI stand for Persistence Service Interface, similar to SPI
    in EJB 2.0

  5. Hi Kuassi,

    Excuse my candour but I'm new in EJB, O/R mapping things.
    You are using the IDE JDeveloper 3.2 in order to develop your own O/R mapping functions? You're not using the default tool provided by Oracle, your beans are BMP?

  6. Loic,
    sorry for this late response
    Jdeveloper 3.2 (and it's PSI-BC4J) is only required for complex OR mapping;
    you have to hand code the XML deployment descriptor with the default PSI-RI

    we've been talking about CMP beans; for BMP beans, you don't need those tools, just embed SQLJ statements directly in ejbLoad/ejbStore methods