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    Hi all, I need to do a work for the university, and I have to compare "Applets vs Servlets", someone can tell me where I can find information about it, I really need it

    Regards Daniel

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    Hi Daniel,

    Greetings. You will get the more information about Applets and Servelets in

    Ravi Rasappan
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    Thanks it help me very much, someone have another link??
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    Rather obvious one:

    Then go through Sun documentation, such as Servlet API and other documentation (here) and Applet tutorial.
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    This link from Netscape gives a very good understanding on what happens when on applets and it's life cycle.

    And this sample chapter from Oreilly's Jason Hunter book on servlet life cycle.
    some pics here..

    If you know both the life cycles.. I am pretty sure you can compare them very well.

    Good luck !

    -vaheesan selvarajah