Netty2 1.6 released: An Event-Driven NIO Framework


News: Netty2 1.6 released: An Event-Driven NIO Framework

  1. Netty 2 provides an easy event-based API (like Swing) to develop high-performance, maintainable TCP/IP server/client application. Netty provides many essential features such as readiness selection, thread pooling, write buffer DoS prevention, and buffer reuse which are required to build high- performance and capacity network applications.

    Version 1.6 fixes a lot of known bugs and reflects most of user feedback.

    Here's full feature list:

    * Event-based API: Netty handles all low level I/O call
    * Separation of message format and workflow
    * Protocol implementation in object-oriented way!
    * Java NIO: Better scalability
    * Built-in thread pool
    * Direct byte buffer pooling
    * Customizable event dispatcher: Flexible thread scheduling
    * 'Write buffer full' prevention:
        * Detects too slow clients
        * Throttles outgoing messages to avoid resource shortage
    * JMX-compliant: Thread pools and common configuration are MBean.

    Netty 2 is good for:
    * implementing both legacy and non-legacy protocols fast but in high-quality
    * implementing pluggable protocols (different message formats with one workflow)
    * creating test cases both for message formats and protocol workflow

    Please check Netty2 at:

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  2. SSL NIO ready ?[ Go to top ]


    I was just wondering if your framework is ready for the new non blocking SSL sockets that will be shipped with J2SE 5 ?
  3. SSL NIO ready ?[ Go to top ]

    Not yet, and I'm looking for the best solution to support SSL. :)
  4. NIO and SSL[ Go to top ]

    I have been doing quite a bit of research myself on NIO and SSL.

    There are a number of links at the bottom of that post. I hope that the information there will prevent you from having to replicate the same work. If you have some insight into a pre-1.5 solution, please let me know!