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    There are many open source workflow project.
    But I couldnt choose right one.

    Which one is better.
    according to the standarts, completeness and usability.

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    This is a very lacking piece in the open source industry, the best that I know of is jbpm, However if you are considering a workflow you might want to look to commercial products.... my 2 cents.
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    You are right. I have examined a lot of workflow.
    I think jbpm is the best .
    Because it is

    jbpm is very flexible,
    uml based ,
    considers EAI patterns,
    and uses hibernate as a persistency layer,
    It is also uses JSR 207 standards that jbpm project leader is the founder of this jsr.

    therefore it is state of the art in bpm.
    I am right?.

    Note : I am talking according to the two week reportt...