IBM experiments with Distributed Thread Programming Model


News: IBM experiments with Distributed Thread Programming Model

  1. IBM alphaWorks has posted an interesting technologywhich uses Distributed Thread to perform a computation. They have introduced a new DThread class and DRunnable interface which provides distribution functionality. RMI is used for communication.
    Distributed Parallel Programming Environment for JavaTM (DPPEJ) is a set of tools and technologies for developing simple, distributed, parallel applications using the Java programming language. This project is being developed by the IBM India Software Lab.
    DPPEJ includes an easy and intuitive programming model based on distributed threads; object-based, message-passing APIs; and distributable data collection. DPEEJ takes a class library-based approach to providing a distributed parallel programming environment. New classes and interfaces supporting distributed threads, message passing, and distributable data collections are included in this package.
    Read about the Distributed Parallel Programming Environment for Java
  2. Sounds alot like JavaParty...
  3. Some thoughts:

    - Should DPPEJ be merged with java.util.concurrency?

    - The similarity to gridMathematica is uncanny.
  4. deja vu[ Go to top ]

    i hv seen something like this before. if im not wrong, someone won an indian AMIE national prize (either 1st or 2nd) for an application/concept like this,around 3-4 years back. ditributed threads, connected thru RMI, same stuff but of course it wasnt that extensive or standardised.
    idea itself seems good though.