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    Can anybody let me know what is a similar file to weblogic-ejb-jar.xml file in websphere as compared to weblogic?

    Is JetAce in websphere no more being used???

    I found few .xmi files in the sample applications. How to generate them?
    I didn't find any documentation for deployment (without WSAD).

    Any pointers would be a great help.


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    You may download the 'Assembly Toolkit for WebSphere Application Server' from IBM.
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    Thanks Joszeph,

    But can you give any pointers for websphere 5.1 with support to AAT.

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    The download page says :
    Assembly Toolkit for WebSphere Application Server is the replacement for the
    Application Assembly Tool (AAT) that shipped with WAS V5.0.

    You can import code, map CMPs , build application generate deployed code etc.
    I think it should work. Find more information on IBM web sites.

  5. You do need to provide websphere specific deployment descriptor. When you deploy the it is generated by the app. server.

  6. Thanks Sudhi,

    Do you mean I dont need to have any websphere specific DD in the jar/ear file for deployment for websphere 5.0/1?

    Then where will I specify the JNDI name for the ejb to be deplyed?

    Any response will be highly appreciated.