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News: Annotations and the JCP: New JCP for review

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    The JCP has put up the review for JSR 250, Common Annotations for the Java Platform.
    This JSR well develop annotations for common semantic concepts in the J2SE and J2EE platforms that apply across a variety of individual technologies. With the addition of JSR 175 (A Metadata Facility for the JavaTM Programming Language) in the Java platform we envision that various JSRs will use annotations to enable a declarative style of programming. It would be unfortunate if these JSRs each independently defined their own annotations for common concepts. It would be especially valuable to have consistency within the J2EE 5.0 component JSRs, but it will also be valuable to allow consistency between J2EE and J2SE. It is the intention of this JSR to define a small set of common annotations that will be available for use within other JSRs. It is hoped that this will help to avoid unnecessary redundancy or duplication between annotations defined in different JSRs. The exact set of annotations will be developed in consultation with the various specifications leads who are currently planning to use annotations within their JSRs.
    Read more about JSR 250: Common Annotations for the Java Platform

    Read the JSR-175: A Metadata Facility for the Java Programming Language second proposed final draft.
  2. This is definitely welcome. As annotations create a dependency in classes, it's valuable to abstract above individual technologies like EJB, Spring, Hibernate or JDO. It should also encourage an appropriate level of abstractions in annotations, so that they contain common concepts, rather than implementation specifics.
  3. JSR 250 could be the foundation of J3EE. In J2EE, applications were bound by the container API. In J3EE the application only uses JSR-250 attributes.
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