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    hi *,

    i want to build a java access layer to an existing relational database. i'm searching for an o/r mapper that can do this trick, e. g. generating pojos out of my database schema. usually o/r mapper seem to werk the other way around: generating relational databse schema out of java classes.
    so far i have only found hibernate.
    are there any other tools that can do this?
    are there any restrictions w. r. t. the database schema the mapper can work with?
    are there any jdo compliant tools that can do this?


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    Many free JDO implemntations exist which I definitely prefer to hibernate as its a standard so you can esily switch between vendors. Just do some google searchs for JDO (or searches on this website).

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    hi bruce,

    i know that there are many jdo implementation around.
    but do you know an implementation that supports the requirements i stated above.
    i have an existing relational database schema and i want to access it via a java domain model. the domain model should be generated byth o/r mapping tool.
    any jdo-tool that can do this?

  4. look at Middlegen/Hiberclipse for Hibernate generation...very convenient
  5. thanks daniel.
    i'm not looking for jdo only.
    hibernate/middlegen is already on my list of options.
    but i'm looking for alternatives to hibernate especially in the jdo area.
    i just want to get an overview of the market.
    hibernate is definitely a good candidate but i would like to compare it to some jdo implementation.