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Performance and scalability: deploying ejb in websphere

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    hello all,

    i am unable to deploy ejb's in websphere.could u please tell me the steps to be followed in creating and deploying ejb's in websphere.i 'll be glad if u can respond at the earliest.i desperately need it.

    thanks in advance.
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    It is very important that if the code was not exported directory from IBM's Visual Age for Java (VAJ) environment. If the environment is another program then get the JETACE tool from the \WebSphere\AppServer\bin directory and use it to export and create the jar file.

    When you have the jar file created, place it in the /Websphere/AppServer/deployedEJBs directory and then use the WebSphere Admin Console GUI tool to add the beans.

    If the bean refuses to be deployed then the jar file is unfit and you will have to revisit the EJB code and the editor. Maybe test the EJB code first using IBM's VAJ IDE environment.