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    I have been doing performance testing and have identified the StrutsRequestProcessor as a bottleneck. Has anyone else seen this or found way to improve performance. I know it is doing a lot of stuff (probably using reflection), but just wanted to get some feedback.
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    Just make sure you profile correctly:
    example in optimize it:

    -don't count wait times: any blocking thread time should not be counted.

    -don't profile by instrumentation, it is hell slower and also bias most result (ratios gets skewed and what shows as 80%-20% may actually be 50-50). Instrumentation is good for invocation count, mostly.

    -Profile by sampling: it also gives you what line was slow. Much better. And much less intrusive, but no invocation count.
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    Are there any statistics you can show the performance is slow?

    Maybe you can start by giving a testing scenario, your machine's capabilities, etc?

    If such a statistic was available, it can be submitted for the creator's reviewal and correction.