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         I am newbie to Struts, I have a form class viz: HierAddForm, this form has a member variable called company which is an ArrayList. This company array is nothing but array of objects of class AddDTO. The class AddDTO looks like as shown below
    public class AddDTO {
    private String city;
    private String name;
    private String zip;
    Corresponding setter and getter methods go here...
    How do I use the logic:iterate tag to display City, Name and Zip in my jsp page ?
    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Jayu

    Hope that this works

    <logic:iterate id="element" name="HierAddForm" property="company">

    <bean:write name="element" property="city"/>
    <bean:write name="element" property="name"/>
    <bean:write name="element" property="zip"/>
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    This was a very good info.Stated in simple words & understood.
  4. hi madhu

    if i have an arrayObject and i want to fill this array from user.Suppose there are 5 rows in a table with similar type of inputs from user.?

    Suppose u got what i want to say.....

    i got stuk .need help