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    I am looking at developing a desktop application. This application will be used to assist manages in fantasy football leagues. I have done all server side programming so I have a few newbie questions”

    What type of data store is recommended for desktop apps? I have a need for global data such as player names and stats, league specific data such as rosters and trades. Hsql? XML?

    What gui components are the standard? AWT? Swing? SWT?

    I also want to pull updated stats down from the internet, what is the recommend transmission protocol for desktop apps.

    Thanks in advanced.

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    If you have an existing web application/UI, BackWeb Offline Access Server can replicate the web application and underlying content to the manager's desktop and then continously keep the local instance in sync.

    Try for a concept demo involving My Yahoo!.

    If you have data providers only (such as Web Services/XML) and want to build a "Windows UI" this solution will not help you. But, I will be very interested in answers to your question.

    Disclosure: I am working for BackWeb.