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News: JavaServer Faces 1.2 created by the JCP

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    The JCP has announced JSR 252, which is JSF 1.2. JavaServer Faces 1.2 provides a minimal enhancement of the JavaServer Faces 1.1 specification. It is not a new feature JSR. The primary goal of this JSR is handling the Faces side of the JSP/Faces alignment issues addressed in the parallel JSR-245.
    Following is a list of secondary goals that will be addressed only if the primary goal is reached, and only if they can be addressed without delaying the schedule.

    • enhancements to provide an interim solution to the content-interweaving problem described at
    • provide XML Schema for the config files, instead of using DTD
    • enhancements to allow faces applications to handle multi-frame, or multi-window UI designs * enhancements to the f: tag library for improved TCK coverage, f:view lifetime events, and other small features
    • enhancements to the decorator support for API objects
    • security enhancements for client side state saving
    • solve the "duplicate button press" problem
    • re-organize the spec into normative, and non-normative sections, to make implementation easier
    • portlet related bug-fixes
    • bug fixes that require minimal spec changes
    JavaServer Faces 2.0

    Sun is committed to filing a separate JSR for JavaServer Faces 2.0 that will focus primarily on tools support, and secondarily on new features. The following features will specifically not be addressed in this JSR, but may be addressed in the JSR for JavaServer Faces 2.0:

    • improved tools support
    • additional components in the standard component library (for example, the Form File Upload component)
    • JSR 227 aware JSF components
    • client side, inter-component, multi-form validation
    Read the JSR details atJSR 252: JavaServer Faces 1.2

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  2. no users care[ Go to top ]

    vedors did not consult users when they spec JSF, so now vendors can show of how smart they are to each other.

    NO ONE CARES about JSF.
  3. RE: no users care[ Go to top ]

    I am sorry but I personaly think that JSF is a good Framework and I hope they continue to develop on it.
  4. no users care[ Go to top ]

    You are completely wrong vic :) many people cares and mcuh more than you think.

    JSF is a great framework but it introduces a new paradigm that may be difficult to catch when you come from the MVC2 dark side :)

    Pretty sure this paradigm will become the next heuristic...
  5. Re: no users care[ Go to top ]

    vedors did not consult users when they spec JSF, so now vendors can show of how smart they are to each other.NO ONE CARES about JSF..V
    Vic: users may not care about JSF, but developers better do. I believe that JSF will become the UI framework de-facto standard, even perhaps replacing Struts, but only time will tell...

    - Stephan
  6. no users care[ Go to top ]

    JSF is the better alternative for M$ ASP.NET WebForms technology and the only of many Java web frameworks that has a visual editor (Sun Java Studio Creator).
  7. Vic, it's possible you do not speak for everybody. Plenty of users care about JSF and the number is growing exponentially. JSF is Struts++ but don't take my word for it; ask the Struts team who was also responsible for driving JSF in a big way. They recommend new development use JSF. They use JSF and they care so your assertion has failed.


    JSF is a evolutionary work based on Struts but some of the features are simply too compelling to ignore: event model; component market; POJO (plain old Java objects) based data models, web session and application sesssion beans. JSF is designed to use OUTSIDE and INSIDE a sophisticated IDE. It is TWO-WAY. You can use ANT with your favorite Editor then move back to a tool like Java Studio Creator and not miss a beat. Lives in harmony with JSP, Struts, JSTL. JSF is awesome, truly and this is ONLY THE FIRST OFFICIAL RELEASE.

    Having said all that it is inexcusable the expert team did not consult with Vic before releasing the spec. In fact, that should be part of the JCP: get Vic's blessing before release. It ain't right, Vic. You were wronged.