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    Is it valid to lookup a resource (db connection) in the init() method of a servlet?


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    Hi Srini,
                When you are developing an tier-architecture, you should not look up a database resource in the servlet, since a web tier should not access the db directly. Insteas you can have a business method in the appliation server which meets ur purpose. This is the ideal way to do, but i'm not sure whether your architecture is having app server or not?

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    Rafi was right on a 3 tier application.
    But if you don't have a middle tier in your application then ..
    Yes. Using the init method to lookup the DB conn is a good way as that is the method first called in the life cycle of a servlet and during the life time it will not be changed.

    Another good strategy would be ti initializa a pool of DB connections rather than a single one. This will give better performance.
    Again initializing the pool can be done in the init() method()


    good luck!

    -vaheesan selvarajah