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    Does anybody know a SWIFT messages parser that parses SWIFT messages and
    converts them into XML and vice versa (e.g. XSL Style sheet to do XML ->
    Is there a SWIFT XML DTD standard out there?
    I'd appreciate any help.


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    Have you heard about swiftML (http://www.swift.com/index.cfm?item_id=41663)?
    Actually it is easy to create your custom SWIFT parser by hand using LEX and YACC (I used JLex and Java CUP implementations).
  3. Hi,
    Could you please give guidelines in building the grammer file for building the SWFIT parser using JLex or Java CUP. Is there any way I can get these grammer file that comply SWFIT message rules.

    Thanks in advance,

  4. I suggest you check WIFE http://wife.sf.net/ It´s an open source project for swift messages parsing and writing, the MT text is converted to simple java objects, then you can easily manage the objects to serialize to xml or something else.
  5. Mohit,

    You can do exactly this with C24's Integration Objects (IO) toolkit. See http://www.c24.biz.

    The C24-IO toolkit is a metadata repository, code and schema generator that supports libraries of industry standard message types. SWIFT is one of those libraries. IO parses the SWIFT data into its own Java object model, which can then be directly rendered as XML (or any other format), or have semantic transformations applied to it in order to map the data to a different model.

    There are schemas (but not DTDs) for some of the newer SWIFT message standards, but I'm afraid that if you are working with ISO7775/15022, then there is no DTD/schema, just the SWIFT-published format standards which are proprietary and very definitely non-XML.


  6. SWIFT-XML Library from AnaSys[ Go to top ]

    There is no official standard for SWIFT-XML (I assume you mean the existing FIN MTs such as MT 103, 202, 502, etc.).
    AnaSys has created their own standard for SWIFT-XML and sells a product that should do what you are looking for.
    See http://www.anasys.com/products/mobjectsxml.html

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     Did you find any parser for swift messages? I am also looking for the same, please let me know

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    Check out C24 IO!

    It does exactly what you need!