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    We often have to work with CMS systems. OpenCms is an open source alternative. Packt has given TheServerSide Community a book chapter, and an exclusive article. The article explains the process of extending the functionality of OpenCms using the built-in module mechanism. OpenCms will be extended to provide Apache Velocity template support.

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  4. Does OpenCMS has the ability to generate RSS feeds for the content. It would be wonderful if it can be extended to support blogs and feed aggregation and other features like
  5. Is opencms extensible?[ Go to top ]

    For my project , I needed to build a CMS system with user specified GUI components and a backend cms engine. At that time, I explored a bit about opencms but it seemed that it did not have good enough api to build upon it.
  6. OpenCms is extensible enough and u can use JSF to have a better GUI support, there are thousands of implementations based on OpenCms with very complex GUI's, if you need help, visit
  7. We are developing a RSS and Bloging Module and a OpenCms Wiki, if interested you can register for a guided tour at:
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    You can find a new OpenCms Support and Knowledge Store Forum here: