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    hi all,
    we are new to ejb.using weblogic server(4.5.1) we tried to deploy
    one stateless session bean,but an exception was thrown
    when we started the server after placing jar file.

    The steps we followed are:
    1)created home interface,remote interface and bean implementation classes in c:\ejb.
    2)Compiled these files and the class files are placed in
    a package called "pack".
    3)we placed the package "pack"in c:\weblogic\classes.
    4)using weblogic's ejb deployment wizard we created
    .ser file which is also placed in c:\ejb.
    5)we created a manifest file in c:\ejb
    with following code.
    Name: des.ser
    Enterprise-Bean: True
    6)we created a jar file as
    jar cvfm hello.jar *.class *.ser in
    7)we placed this jar file in c:\weblogic\myserver
    8)we edited weblogic properties file we included the following line:
     we stopped and we started the server and we got an exception which we were not able to see and the part of it was some remoteException,deployment exception .

    please help us.we will be extremely thankful to u.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. hi
    in the manifest file , the name of the ser file should be fully qualified one , ie , pack\des.jar and , ensure that there is one space gap between Name attribute and the ser file path ,similarly for Enterprise-Bean: True .please ensure while creating manifest file donot give any extension
    . rest is correct only , you should be able to deploy
  3. hi
    i think i am not sure of the path which i have mentioned previously , it is like this
    Name: <dirname ( where the .class & descriptor files are found ) >/descriptor file name.ser