Is there something wrong with these stats ?


General J2EE: Is there something wrong with these stats ?

  1. Is there something wrong with these stats ? (1 messages)

    I am using JDBC connection pooling in my application and this is the stats I have gathered about application performance using a performance mgmt tool.

    With 4 Initial Connections....JDBC consumes 13.35% of processing time.
    With 6 Initial Connections....JDBC consumes 13.39% of processing time.
    With 3 Initial Connections....JDBC consumes 13.31% of processing time.

    How is this possible ? More initial connections should reduce and not increase the processing time right ? Any pointers as to what could be happening here ?

  2. How about this ....

    There is overhead in creating the initial connections. This is reflected in the increasing processing time. The application is not using the connections...or is not constrained by just having 3 connections. So you have too many connections for the usage scenario.

    Try going to 2, or 1 connection. See what happens.

    Just speculating...