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     I read in the "Mastering EJBs" book that the EJB spec does not allow multithreading inside the EJBs. But I tried to make an EJB by implementing Runnable and starting a thread inside the Bean class. But neither javac nor ejbc gave any errors. Shouldn't atleast ejbc give me a warning. I'm using Weblogic 8.1.3 and my compiler is jrockit-jdk.
    Also what is the behaviour if there is any non-final static variable in EJBs.

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    (1) I dont think "does not allow" is right - All those things like "Do not do IO inside EJBs", "Do not multi-thread" etc., are best practices in using EJBs. Of course, it does not tie your hands to prevent you from doing that - but it is never a good practice. You might have the reason why in the book, I believe.

    (2) Not clear what your question on variable is - you can of course use non final statics.

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    Thanks for the reply. In (2) I was asking that if we do have a non-final static variable in stateless/statefull session beans and its value is changed within the bean, then when the same EJB object is used to service some other request, doesn't it provide a wrong value ( the one that was set in last request).
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    If you have a stateless SB, then you shouldn't have any non static variable because the same bean instance can be used to serve other clients.
    If you have a statefull SB, you shouldn't have any problem. That bean instance will only serve one client (unless of course you share that bean instance with other clients, but I don't think you'd do that)
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    I missunderstand you. My answer was for non-static variables.
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    I got it now - Yes. Statics are a NO NO too. They dont mean anything actually in a cluster of EJBs :-).

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    Thanks for the help
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    You can do whatever you want. But in J2EE it is safer and better to follow best practices