Sun & Microsoft Reportedly Settle Java Suit


News: Sun & Microsoft Reportedly Settle Java Suit

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    Knowledgeable sources say that Sun and Microsoft have settled the historic and inflammatory lawsuit over Java that Sun lodged against Microsoft in 1997. The tantalizing settlement terms are still unclear.

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  2. Interesting - does this mean we'll have a new 1.3 compatible version of VJ++ in our future? Or, is this thing dead now in favor of C#?
  3. J++ 1.3? No Way! C# is the Microsoft Java killer. As usual, Microsoft is uniquely adept at surveying software industry trends, and devising effective strategies to thwart competitors. Dot Net and C# will emerge as a true equal to Java, and the VM market will finally begin to diversify.
  4. C# is certainly something to watch with interest but I doubt it's going to reverse 5 years of industry trend overnight.
    Then there is the Microsoft 'Great in Version 5' phenomenon to consider; which gives us plenty of time to get religious about it later.
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