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XML & Web services: CreateProcess: javac -nowarn -classpath

  1. Hi,

    When i build compile the source file, i get this error.
    I have search thru the internet about this problem but no vail. Someone please help me

    [java] CreateProcess: javac -nowarn -classpath D:\uobm\ejbcgen;D:
    ar -d D:\uobm\ejbcgen D:\uobm\ejbcgen\com\oe\ejb\*.java D:\uobm\ejbcgen\com\OLSV2\acs\ejb\*
    .java error=2

  2. Try this:

    Or this one:
  3. I had a similar problem while trying to deploy a J2EE application. After some investigations, and following the links provided above, I found that I am not setting the JAVA_HOME environment variable probably. It should point to right jdk directory, i.e javac.exe should exist in %JAVA_HOME%\bin directory.
  4. After a few days of head banging, I found this link that explained perfectly the problem and pointed a working solution: HTH others with the same problem.