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    currently my system recieves update queries in a session bean , the update is done async like this :

    1- the session bean writes the incoming requests as XML files into "inbox" directory on the file system

    2- using the Timer APIs in weblogic 8.1 , I read the files in this directory and start to process them(save to db)

    3-in step(2) ,if a message processed succesfuly it will be moved to "success" director , if it fails it will be moved to "fail" directory

    4- manually my application administrator can edit the xml file in the failed directory and move it back to the inbox directory to be reprocessed.

    what I want is to port this logic to JMS,I have basic expereinece in JMS , so any advice on how to do this , what is the best approach will be appreciated.

    I am using weblogic 8.1 ,I know that weblogic can move failed message to an "Error" queu but how can I allow manual edito of messages in a queue?

    Thank you
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