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    I know this might sound weird, but I need to create a selfupdating web app. We have a pretty small web app running on Tomcat. The problem is that it's going to be deployed on about 1000 differente locations, and we're going to be facing a big problem if there's a bug in the webapp or new updates need to be distributed. The web app users and admins won't have physical access to the computer, only the maintenance staff will, so sending them a CD and some instructions is not an option, I'm afraid ;)

    We were thinking of writing an autoupdating module so that it could fetch new versions of the classes, download them, and do the necessary dirty work: update the database, update files, restart the webapp if needed, etc. I know this sounds very dangerous, but it's the only "reasonable" alternative we can think of.

    Before writing such a module, we'd like to know if there's any software out there that could be used in a situation like the one I described. We've been searching for such software, but we haven't found any that fits our needs. Does anyone know of any software that could be used in an scenario like the one described? Anyone ever had a similar problem?

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    I have a similar problem, but with not so many locations.
    A solution we find interesting is publishing updates (code and data) on a messaging queue, and make every instance of the application subscribe to that queue. Maybe this queue can be exposed as a web service.
    For now this is only an idea, I'll tell you how it went when we do it!
    Hope this idea helps

    Nicolas Dobler