Announcing the release of Server 2.1.9, Pure Java 0.97 and Development 0.94-idev-8

All three releases contain a recovery-related bug fix.

About the Development release:

The Blitz Development Release contains a full prototype implementation of the new API specifications being formulated within the JINI community:

    * Iterator - a means of reading a collection of matching Entry's.
    * Bulk Operations - provides support for multiple take and write.
    * VisibilityEvent - provides greater detail about the flow of Entry's through a JavaSpace (useful for multicast patterns).

Other new features in this release include:

    * DebugIterator which can be used to dump the contents of a running instance including transaction locks and lease times.
    * Updated Dashboard which displays Entry schema information.

About Blitz JavaSpaces:

Blitz JavaSpaces is an opensource, JINI 2.0 based implementation designed for developers. Features include:

* Hot backup
* Debugging tools (for monitoring and development including a utility to assist in calculating memory consumption).
* Inca X integration
* ServiceUI support
* Support for embedded operation
* Extensive support for security
* Configurable transport options

All versions can be downloaded from: