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    I have written a cmp for an order management system. For ordered date i have taken java.sql.Date. we r using oracle8i
    database. If we take java.sql.Date time is not storing. Now
    we need time also. I tried to change cmp field as java.util.Date and java.sql.Timestamp fields. both are not supporting. any body faced this type of problem. Please anser to my question.
    Thanking you all,
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    What J2EE container are you using ? This may be an issue with your J2EE container.

    EJB 2.0 spec does not support Date, Time, Timestamp, and SQRT in EJB-QL, however many vendors have added extenions to support these types For example, Oracle Application Server 10g 9.0.4 supports java.util.Date, java.sql.Date, java.sql.Time and java.sql.Timestamp (Reference to EJB doc:

    Debu Panda