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    hi all

    Few days back i read an artical on c# vs java on net.I want to know view regarding it.What you think the future of c# and future of java after C#.

    I feel that it do effect the java and it technologies b'coz c# is integrated to .NET technology and all Microsoft developers will find it ease to migrate to C# rather than to any other language.

    Further i see C# as an attempt of Microsoft to defame Java .The feature of C# and java r almost similar.
    I think it do effect the EJB developers.
    I made these views after reading an article on C# on net.
    So any discussion on this is warmly welcome by me.



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    gone thro' your mail, seemed to be a hardcore java guy (i appreciate that) , i have not read the spec of c# but if some one comes out with good things its not that they are defaming our product right. but we need to be aware that this a place where good brains flourish and see whether there are any good features that can be incorporated in java( iam talking too generically , but once i go thro the c# spec probably i can figure out , and appreciate the differences)nice u ve come out with this topic as it is floating across the world
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    thanks for reply

    I do appreciate the new ideas but what microsoft doing is just business.Any way i don't want to be in such discussion. Recently omly i download more C# spec. Let me go through it , then i will made more queries.

    But as far as i studied regarding C# the functionality seems to be same except that they introduced MSIL . This is similar to that of Bytecode of java.

    what i feel is MS had combined java features + some unsecured coding(may be with pointers)


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    Just to sidetrack a little, I would recommend the movie
    "Pirates of Silicon Valley" which talks about the the founder of Mac and MS.
    I guess MS always copy features from others, like the way they do with the Mac in the movies.

    Go watch it and u will understand C# better.