In my BMP EJB I am getting connection to CloudScape database. This class always works with JBoss datasource JNDI name but not with JNDI name specified in jboss.xml.
Here are the details I have created a file called trading-ds.xml and placed it under C:\jboss-3.2.5\server\default\deploy. Now when I start JBoss, it is binding the CloudScape data souce to a JNDI name as mentioned in trading-ds.xml (which is java:/trading). As usual I made a reference to this in jboss.xml.

The issue is whatever the JNDI I specify in jboss.xml the bean getting deployed without error but as long as the JNDI used for datasource lookup is matching with the one specified in trading-ds.xml I am able to get connection. The question is why one of my class in the EJB is looking up at JBOSS level but not vis jboss.xml. It give an impression that what ever you specified in jboss.xml is redundant.
Can someone explain me why is it happening like this?