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    I am using oracle BPEL for webservices for my project. The process is an synchronous process invoking different WSDL's based on some condition

    In I condition it invokes 2 way wsdl program that produces o/p instantly and received by BPEL. This one is working fine.

    The problem lies in other condition. It has to invoke a asynchronous process. Now when a synchronous process is invoking asynchronous process, it gives a time out error as you know o/p is not generated immediately. When i generate the o/p of asynchronous process immediately(invoking it through JSP) the program is fine. but this should not be case in my project.

    How to make a synchronous process wait to receive reply from asynchronous process. Is it possible to achieve this?.

    I have indeed tried to make everything asynchronous, but problem is I cant take the O/P generated in BPEL from JSP (even in the I condition)since it is asynchrounous process
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    Could you please further clarify the use case? I do not understand how you want to invoke a synchronous process which in turn might have to wait for the completion of an asynchronous process (which might take a few minutes to a few days to complete) before replying to the client. Do you expect the JSP thread to hang around during the entire time of the asynchronous processing (even if it takes minutes?).

    An alternative could be to have the client initiate a process, receive right away the id of the process and then using poling on the client side to query from time to time, the status and the result of the BPEL processing.

    If you further clarify your use case, we are happy to try to help.


    (you might want to cross post Oracle BPEL PM questions to the OTN BPEL forum You might get responses faster)