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    Server(A):Weblogic Server(B):Weblogic

     A (a)web application running in server(A) calls another (b)web application which is deployed in another server(B).

    the expected result is
    (b) application should be running inside the (a) application.

    main objective is state need to be maintained in both applications.

    i had tried with the url connection and jsession id,but iam not get the expected result.
    please suggest me to acheieve this scenario.
    tell me also technical drawbacks involved.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Ram:

    Sessions are "children" of contexts and CAN NOT be shared by default across contexts (web applications). There are couple of options:

    (1) Use Coherence-Web : http://www.tangosol.com/coherence-uses-a.jsp

    (2) Persist details in DB, pass key via URL and read back the details in app2

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    Hi Ramesh,
     I'm also facing a similar requirement of calling a windows application from the web. Could you please tell me how you have proceeded with the same? I will be very thankful if replied.