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    Hi There,
      I am trying to port my existing Application from JRUN4 to ORACLE Application Server 10g....

    Please let me know any URL for the Step-by-step Process...


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    We do not have a step by step process or manual for migrating from JRun to OC4J. But we have manuals for migrations from Weblogic, Websphere to OC4J.

    Here is the link to Weblogic to OC4J migration guide http://download-west.oracle.com/docs/cd/B10467_13/migrate.904/b10425/toc.htm

    Unless you are using CMP entity beans or any proprietary features, the migration should be quite easy and straight forward. It's just as easy as taking the EAR/WAR file and deploying in OC4J.

    You can post OC4J specific technical questions on OTN Discussion Forum at http://forums.oracle.com/forums/forum.jsp?forum=46

    Debu Panda
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       That was helpful..
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    Which framework...would be a better choice for me...
    Struts or BC4J ...and why ???

    Understanding the fact that the application i'm working is currently using a Framework..similar to Struts...
    Is it worth the time and energy to port my application to BC4J ???

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    Struts and BC4J frameworks aren't the same.
    As you know Struts is for the controller part and BC4J is more of framework which provides patterns to build business layer and databind to view layer. It works nicely with Struts framework/controller.

    We have evolved the framework in JDeveloper to what we call ADF (Application Development Framework) and ADF BC (aka BC4J) is part of ADF. Again ADF uses Struts as the controller.

    Check out the following overview of ADF

    You will be able to find more info