Unable to download pdf for EJB Patterns


TSS feedback: Unable to download pdf for EJB Patterns

  1. Unable to download pdf for EJB Patterns (4 messages)

    There seems to be an error when I try to download the pdf for EJB patterns.
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    Yes I ve noticed this in more then a week or something.

    I think TSS has problem with some upgrade stuff.

    I couldnt download the EJB Patterns too, but could find it in other urls. But I can not download the source code.
    I allways receive the url invalidation failure.

    TheServerSide.com has recently ugraded its software. Every effort has been made to allow existing bookmarked links to pages within the site to continue operating. You are seeing this page because we were unable to translate your old-style bookmarked link to the new site (or, because there was a typo in the link URL you enterred into your browser's address field). We apologize for any inconvenience.

    The invalid URL was:
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    And it seems that a month later it's still not possible to download the source code. Does anyone have an idea where to find it?

  4. Am unable to download any book.
    It gives the
    http://localhost:9001/ link.

    Whats wrong, is it some problem with my browser.
    please let me know asap.
  5. I am not able to down load this PDF. Gives error - Not %pdf format. I can download other pdf files so does not seem to be my browser problem. pl let me know.