After many months of hard work we finally released Bamboo to the public. It is a Java forum web application that values clarity and ease of use over superflous information and features. It has been running for many months on several high-traffic websites and we have fine-tuned the application after much real-world user and administrator feedback.

The current release candidate has only been fully tested on PostgreSQL, but the final release with also run on other databases.

The installation shouldn't take more than 5 minutes if you already have a database installed, just follow what is described in the documentation. For your convenience, we've recorded all the required installation steps in a step-by-step quicktime movie.

In short, the ready-to-run war archive just has to be deployed in your servlet container. After starting the server, you simply have to access the application and the setup wizard should assist you with all the rest.

If you want to play with Bamboo before installing anything, just go to the demo installation.

We hope you like the forum application we created and welcome any remarks or suggestions you have.

Installation documentation can be found here for Linux and Windows

Feedback can be given in the real forum or in the issue tracker.

Real-time chatting about Bamboo can be done through IRC at in the channel #bamboo.