We're pleased to announce a new release of our PowerMap JDO product. Release 1.6 adds and improves features in several areas including engine, query support and integration as well as adding SQL tools.

PowerMap JDO offers an advanced JDO solution focusing on database integration and the requirements of commercial projects accessing existing as well as new databases.
Features highlights include:
- advanced integration features - incl secondary and mapped keys, UJ and hybrid structures, distinct column typing, precision mapping and access, transparent locking
- high performance data engine, queries and caching
- advanced features for bulk data transfer
- visual JDO WorkBench tools
- database editing and SQL panes
- interactive activation & testing
- forward/ reverse engineering (Enterprise)
- extensible and configurable mapping system.

PowerMap JDO includes plugins for the Eclipse, JBuilder and WebSphere AD environments as well as command line and Ant-based use.

The integrated JDO WorkBench tool offers class, mapping and schema editing along with SQL tools and (Enterprise edition) forward and reverse engineering features.

For further information or to download a 30-day free trial, please visit the website at:


Thomas Whitmore