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    Dummy Q. When I create a HttpSession objects, where is it stored? On the server? (If yes, which dir? I have Tomcat 4)

    I get mixed answers here, telling me they are stored in cookies on the client side, or are implemented using URL re-writes. Other tell me they are held in the server.

    What's the real scoop plz. (Any settings in web.xml that will point me to these suckers?)

    Newbie Jimmy Gee

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  2. The session id may be stored in a cookie or held by url re-writes, session data is stored on the server.

    I think it's kept in memory. I don't think there is a mechanism for writing session data to disk or to db.

    Hope it helps!
  3. in memory[ Go to top ]

    they r stored as server objects with the reference u get,but if u wanna store it ,ok..go ahead and serialize them
    actually this mechanism typically used for inhouse session replication as it is quick ,simple and works