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    1060 NetKernel is a general-purpose software infrastructure. The NetKernel microkernel uses a REST-like addressing model to enable composition of software applications from internal URI addressable software components. The Standard Edition Developer Kit provides many generic and application specific technologies all of which are simple internal software services which may be composed using Unix-like pipelines. Service assemblies may be written using either procedural languages (Java, Groovy, Beanshell, Python, Javascript) or declarative languages (DPML, XRL).

    Every software component on NetKernel is URI addressed - like a Web resource. A component is executed as a result of issuing Web-like [REST] requests. A software component on NetKernel is therefore a simple software service which hides the complexity of its internal implementation.

    Applications or higher-order services are built by composing simple services. Service composition can be written in a wide-choice of either procedural or declarative languages.

    Complexity is continually abstracted by the URI address space which may be remodelled and extended indefinitely. A complex aggregated service may always be abstracted into one or more higher-level services or URI interfaces - like software assembly lines.

    NetKernel is a general purpose software infrastructure which may be applied to XML message processing,
    J2EE embedded XML co-processor, REST and/or SOAP 1.1, 1.2 web-services, Workflow management systems
    Message processing middleware, Communications routing, Email processing, Web applications, Content management etc etc etc...

    NetKernel may be deployed as a transport independent standalone network peer, or may be embedded within a J2EE application server either as a servlet or through the embedded API as a co-processor, for example providing the message processing behind MDBs.

    NetKernel was initially started as an HP project to solve the issues of unmanageable complexity in creating XML message processing systems and has grown to provide a general purpose solution to large-scale software complexity. It is a professional open-source product and provides comprehensive interactive documentation, trailmaps and management tools.

    Version 2.0 provides many enhancements and significantly broadens the palette of usable technologies - including dynamically compiled scripting languages. Enhancements have not come at the cost of complexity or robustness - NetKernel's self-consistent simplicity, robustness and stability are better than ever.

    NetKernel is available for immediate download at

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