WorcsNet announces the release of IAB Studio 3.2 that is compatible with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox and Mozilla. It also includes enhanced clustering, simple setup, and other new features.
The beta version of IAB Studio 3.2 is now available at www.worcsnet.com/downloads. The commercial version of IAB Studio 3.2 Enterprise Edition will be released in December 2004.
IAB Studio is a platform for rapid development of Web applications with rich/thin client (Rich Internet Applications). Web Applications built with IAB Studio utilize the power of the client workstation and have desktop-like functional capabilities and excellent performance.
IAB Studio includes in-browser Application Builder, Data Management/Reporting and Workflow Suites. Application developers are no longer required to use server side HTML coding (JSP produces HTML), applets, plug-ins or JSP tags to develop interactive GUI (Graphical User Interface). Instead, they use in-browser page editors and designers, which included rich client side controls (also known as widgets) and simple client-side event handlers. Nothing more than a Web browser is required to use IAB Studio. IAB Studio is times easier to use than other J2EE frameworks such as Struts or JSF. It also by far surpasses the capabilities of these frameworks.
Promotional information is available at www.worcsnet.com/Newsletter.htm and contains the following parts:
* PROMOTIONS: FREE Partner Program membership, discounts, frozen prices
* NEW RELEASE: IAB Studio 3.2 released and is available for download
* PRICES: IAB Studio Enterprise Edition - FREE for non-commercial use
* DEMO: Demo application (built with IAB Studio 3.1) is available at www.iabstudio.com
* OPPORTUNITIES: Worldwide representation
If you wish, you may also discuss IAB Studio in details at www.worcsnet.com/forum.htm.