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    Is it possible to use EJB2.1 Timer with Weblogic 8.1

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  2. e-docs.bea.com[ Go to top ]

    There is good documentation online at BEA. Have you looked at it?
  3. EJB 2.1 Timer With Weblogic SP3[ Go to top ]

    Can you Pls tell me correct url for it? It is possibe to use EJB 2.1 Timer with weblogic 8.1?
  4. Google? bea.com[ Go to top ]

    Has everyone forgotten how to use the internet?

      "Weblogic Documentation"
      "EJB 2.1 Timer Weblogic"

    Or...who makes Weblogic? BEA? Do they have a web site?


    From there, you'll find e-docs.bea.com

    Hmmm....it can't be that easy, can it?
  5. EJB 2.1 Timer with Weblogic8.1 SP3[ Go to top ]

    Every one knows this. Messages are not posted for this sort of reply. The problem is weblogic 8.1 SP3 does not support EJB2.1 but EJB2.0.