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    hi all,

    could someone point me to a helpful comparison of all the varying web frameworks? i'm considering using struts but it seems a bit too heavy-weight for 20-30 pages. i would prefer light-weight or even a best-practices approach. so if anyone has any suggestions that would be much appreciated.

    ps. sorry for the earlier post. i accidentally posted to the ejb design forum..


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    Hi Patrick,

    Matt Raible has been blogging about this recently take a look here.

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    Perfect. thank you much!
  4. hi all,

    as an extension to this, I'm trying to work out the indicative time & cost (savings) for a particular project to move from a broken, custom web framework (quasi-MVC) to something such as Spring/Spring MVC, Struts and or Tapestry.

    Usually it's a straight forward proposition, however, development is already 50% through and we believe that through the implementation of a proper framework, the particular project will save something in the order of 30-50% on development cost/time for what is left.

    The difficulty is choosing the right framework to reduce development time now, as well as improve maintainability going forward (project is basically hundreds of JSPs and Servlets which could be refactored into common componets in something like Spring and or struts).

    Anyone got any pointers here?