Apache Jetspeed Reaches first 2.0 milestone


News: Apache Jetspeed Reaches first 2.0 milestone

  1. Apache Jetspeed Reaches first 2.0 milestone (3 messages)

    The Apache Portals community is pleased to announce the release of Jetspeed 2.0 M1.

    This is our first milestone release and brings Jetspeed closer to a final 2.0 release.


    * JSR 168 Support
    * Component Architecture (Spring)
    * J2EE Security, Portal Security Policy
    * Page and Portal Security Constraints (Bronco)
    * PSML/Folder CMS Navigations, Menus, Links
    * Jetspeed SSO
    * Multithreaded Aggregation Engine
    * Full Localization Support
    * Pipeline Request Processor
    * Rules-based Profiler
    * Basic Page Customization
    * Auto Deployment of Portlet Applications
    * Auto Deployment of Layouts and Decorators
    * Advanced Password Features
    * Navigational State Component
    * Integration with Pluto Portlet Container
    * Tigris CSS
    * Client Indepedent Capability Engine (HTML, XHTML, WML, VML....)
    * Portals Bridges
        - Struts
        - MyFaces
        - Velocity
        - Perl
        - PHP
        - Bridges Framework
    * Admin Portlets
        - Portlet Application Managerr
        - Profiler Admin
        - Role Manager
        - Portal Site Manager
        - User Manager
    * Sample Portlets
        - XSLT RSS
        - Rome RSS
        - WebContent
        - IFrame
        - Calendar
        - Bookmark
        - Tree Navigator
        - Guess Games

    Feedback is greatly appreciated, especially in the form of bug reports.

    You can download Jetspeed 2.0 M1 from:


    Release notes and installation instructions are at:


    The Jetspeed Project Wiki and Home pages can be found here:



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  2. Congrats...[ Go to top ]

    ... to the Jetspeed team on a very cool and useful version release...
  3. JSF support[ Go to top ]

    is the JSF support for only myfaces or the SUN RI also, actually myfaces is not yet pass the TCK so it is important to jetspeed to b standard compliant
  4. Greetings, how about Tapestry/Jetspeed interoperability?