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    I wanted to implement a caching system in my application to improve the performance.
    My current resources to be cached are:
    1. Database (master tables, frequently used query results).
    2. Mappings from xml file.
    3. Data from txt files.

    1.Should be using only tomcat web container, no app server.
    2.Cluster level updation of the cache.
    3.The cacheable resources may be updated from different application.
    4.Looking for open source.

    If a system is not supporting clustering, how can I achieve it on myself?
    please suggest me, the one which is more likely suitable for my usage?

    thanks in advance.

    Aravind Patil
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    Hi Arvind,

    From what I understand from your requirements, you require a free (Open source)caching service to be used in your webapp with constraint of using only a web container.
    Heres a good cache service - http://www.opensymphony.com/oscache/ . I have seen this being used in a very huge J2EE financial project, so you can safely use it.