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        I am trynig to find a solution for a reqmt.
    I need to upload data from a set of Excel files , say 10 different uploads.

          The whole upload has to run in a predefined interval, which can be scheduled in windows.

       Now, regarding implementation, I am thinking of using threads which creates a separate thread for each of 10 uploads.. When all the threads finishes, the upload is marked as success.. Any body has done a similiar kind of thing before.. Any help is appreciated...

  2. There are some MS Office/.Net stuff ----> web services stuff that works nice with J2EE:




  3. Thanks Mike.. Hope I will find some good stuff there.. Thanks for ur time..

    Inviting others comments too...
  4. I use
    JExcelAPI when I have to need import data from excel-file, or
    export from database to excel-file.

    good luck !
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    I had problems with JExcel.

    Try POI