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    In this keynote presentation, filmed at TheServerSide Java Symposium in May 2004, industry experts such as Gregor Kiczales, Rod Johnson, Ron Bodkin, Cedric Beust and Marc Fleury discuss various topics related to Aspect-Oriented programming such as frameworks, the progress of AOP adoption and how AOP may redefine middleware as we know it.

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    the link to the list of movies works but the AOP keynote video is not up....
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    It was in the TechTalks and disappeared!

    I was wathinc it when it halted suddenly.
    Then I tried again and the video seems to be gone :(
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    i looked at the source code of the page, found the url to the steama nd copied it into windows media player and had no probs. For some reason, it would not stream using the plugin :@