The JCP has released the complete J2SE compatibility test sources under a read-only license, so that the community can see what's really going on with Java compatibility testing. This is a move in the right direction, as before this, unless you had access to the test suite, what does 'certified' mean?

However, the license is 'read-only', so you can't actually RUN the tests (and hence know for sure if the system truly passes?).

What we've released

We've released the complete J2SE technology Compatibility Kit (JCK) sources under a read-only license, including the sources for all the tests and the sources for the test harness. This is intended to let people read and evaluate the tests.

In order to keep the license simple, we have restricted
it to be strictly "read only". I want to emphasize this. The license does not allow you to compile or run the tests (If you want to do that, you can get a different, more complicated, license, see below).

We did this because otherwise the license would have blossomed into a twenty page legal document. But we have tried to make sure the license meets the reasonable needs of developers who want to evaluate the JCK sources:

  • It's available at zero cost, through a click-through license.
  • There is no "tainting". Once you delete your copy of the JCK, you aren't constrained in your future actions. To try to make this really clear, we included a section explicitly granting what the lawyers call "residual rights", which basically means that stuff that sticks in your head is OK to use in the future.
  • You can publish feedback and comments publicly.

J2SE Compatibility Test Sources Released