A J2EE web application that take control your Yet Another Bittorrent client running at your desktop. I created this project due to I wanted to control my torrents using my pocket pc and access this application outside my home. GotoMyPC is rather expensive and why should we paid for it just for one application that required remote access from outside. Try it out and feedback to me at kenken64 at yahoo dot com

Project file for weblogic workshop 8.1 sp2 and above.

Deployment EAR strictly deploy on weblogic 8.1 sp2 or sp3

Features :-
- Add a new torrent
- List all the torrents
- Resume torrents.
- Queue torrents.
- Pause torrents.
- Delete torrents.

Know issue. The wildcard checker box is not functioning yet.
This is not a world class or enterprise application just plain hobby project.